What to Expect When You’re Expecting (to merge your personal finances with a partner)

If you’ve ever walked down the isle or preparing to say I Do - this post is for you. I believe there is a strong correlation between having a healthy relationship and money. In fact, the #1 thing couples fight about is money. In order to have a happy and successful marriage, it is important couples get on the same financial page. Many couples do not communicate openly and honestly when it comes to money, regardless of how much they make, ultimately to their own demise. For example, couples that fight once a week about money are 37% more likely to get divorced and couples that fight daily about money are 69% more likely to get divorced compared to couples who rarely fight about money. I encourage couples to have “Financial Date Nights”, I know it is super romantic. This is where you would discuss money goals, talk about your dreams and plan for your future. There are thousands of people who, at one point in time, were in love. However, when it came time to merge their finances, they discovered they have differing perspectives and were financially incompatible. This isn’t a dealbreaker;however, it does enable couples to be proactive and intentional so they can address the issue and future conflict. When you say I Do, you sign up for a partnership and being on the same page about how you both earn, spend, save, and invest your money is instrumental in keeping your relationship on track and your marriage thriving. Take a moment to be proactive with your significant other and take this Financial Compatibility quiz to identify areas where there may be potential conflict now or later down the road. https://www.jeffmotskeshow.com/compatibilityquiz/

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